Our Why

Credit Genie is a FinTech company created with the mission to help Americans take control of their finances, by offering no-fee-or-interest cash advances between paydays, tools to get out of debt, and insights into their spending habits.

We realize there are many payday advance apps on the market. However, they often create a difficult-to-break cycle. Through our partnerships with debt relief providers, we provide you a path to break through the cycle of debt and take back control of your finances.

Financial institutions make billions in interest and fees.  Our team is obsessed with developing a solution which keeps that money in YOUR pocket.

Straight out of Philadelphia

We are experts in financial technology and data science with experience at PayPal, Oracle, Bloomberg, and Vanguard, who set out on a mission to make debt relief work better for individuals. Credit Genie is that solution.

Our Investors

First Round CapitalKhosla VenturesTippet Venture Partners